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Creator of  Fit it in Fitness At The Desk Software


Since 1982, Georjia Motta, creator of Fit it in Fitness At The Desk Software, owner of Fit it in Fitness web store, and fitness/wellness training, has enjoyed a very busy career as a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and holds an advanced professional certification as an ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist. She is also a group and private Pilates Instructor and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Georjia meets daily with clients and students in their homes, gyms, offices, colleges, spas, medical/wellness facilities, and her own fitness/wellness gym. She offers lectures, workshops, and phone consultations. She specializes in geriatric fitness, with the majority of her clients in this age group requiring post therapy medical attention.

Some issues and challenges Georjia has helped her clients with:

-Spinal fusions
-Hip, knee, and shoulder surgeries and replacements
-Muscular overuse injuries and imbalances
-Recovery from surgery, and more.

Groups Georjia has worked with to solve their unique healing needs:

-Amateur and Professional Athletes
-Professional Musicians and Singers
-Corporate and home office professionals (including those with special ergonomic needs)
-Vietnam, World War II, and D-Day Heroes, and more.

Georjia has consulted with and provided choreographed fitness and instructional videos, manuals and a health fitness book "Rebound To Youth" for LifeTec Manufacturing Rebounder Mini Trampoline. She has also worked for The Institute for Vibrant Living researching and helping develop their dietary supplements and proprietary powdered nutritional blends.

Georjia's ergonomic software for Fit it in Fitness At The Desk© was inspired by a need of many of her clients who work in an office setting and sit for extended periods.

Georjia partners in programs for athletes using creative concepts from yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, and the fitness and wellness industry. She teaches movement with an eye toward improved posture in order to help reduce overuse injuries and muscular imbalances. She has recently written a book, ResilienceXS, geared to the professional extreme athletes in the BMX cycling and skateboarding sports.

Nutrition has always been a strong interest of Georjia's. After consulting several years with a green drink dietary supplement company, she developed her own, Envygreens Green Drink. At the time, she researched many ingredients that were contained in the majority of marketed green drink superfood formulas that could pose health issues. Envygreens Green Drink was developed with the idea of supplying her customers with the most healthy and clean ingredients, only! The Envygreens original formulation was then perfected by her two professional extreme athlete sons offering a USDA Certified Organic Super Foods Dietary Supplement called Rawrlife Superfoods.

Georjia would love to work with you or your group!


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Chuck Eier   

It was a combination of factors in 1989 that started Chuck on the road to a life in fitness.  He started running simply for exercise. His passion for exercise and a healthy lifestyle grew over the next several years as he competed more seriously in the sport of triathlon and ran marathons.  It was then he knew a career in the health and wellness field was for him.


In 1998 he earned an M.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Illinois-Chicago.  Until that time he had informally coached friends in running, cycling and triathlon.  Chuck also earned a Strength & Conditioning Specialist certification from the National Strength & Conditioning Association.  He began his career in the corporate wellness arena at the worldwide corporate headquarters of the Quaker Oats Company in downtown Chicago.  He spent five years keeping employees in corporate America healthy, well and productive.  Upon moving to Phoenix in 2002, he began working for Sun Health Corporation performing fitness testing, writing exercise programs, and doing personal training for the senior population of the Sun Cities area.


In 2000 he became a Level I Triathlon Coach through USA Triathlon.  He coached beginner to advanced tri-athletes for the Lakeview YMCA in Chicago.  In Phoenix he continued triathlon coaching with Race-lab and helped several athletes successfully complete the inaugural Arizona Ironman triathlon (2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles cycling, 26.2 miles running).


After more than fifteen years of his own exercise and helping others exercise, he had seen the difference a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, makes in a person.  After seven marathons and thirty-five triathlons-Ironman included- Chuck developed a confidence and belief in himself and his abilities which guide him through every day. He's witnessed the joy of a spouse completing an Ironman, seen clients lose as much as 100 pounds, helped people stop taking prescription medications for Type II diabetes and hypertension, and watched as clients performed activities of daily life previously thought lost forever.  Chuck is a true testament that exercise is the key to a long, healthy and happy life. 


Chuck Eier

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