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Exactly What Is At The Desk Software


"The art of fitness at your business "


A great health solution and tool to compliment your office ergonomics


At The Desk Software brings fitness to the office with office exercise using an office fitness exercise reminding software program to incorporate with office ergonomics and ergonomic exercise.  This office exercise software is designed with a small quiet fitness reminder pop-up.  The pop-up will not interfere with your work screen and you may adjust the timing of the pop-up to suit your office ergonomic needs and office fitness.

For a simple understanding of your core, begin to exhale, then draw in #’s 6, 12, 3 and 9 simultaneously.

“The core, where life, breath and movement begin”

Fit it in Fitness At The DeskÓ

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Exercise software information and breathing, movement techniques...

Note: Once you install the At The Desk Software with exercise video you may want to first view the video exercises while following along then incorporate the breathing techniques.  This video has quiet soft music with written information text, that should not disrupt office procedures.  Read and practice “Let’s Try” within this text and CD.  After the initial install of the CD you’ll go to the software program User’s Guide and select your timing pop-up options. This software works in conjunction with the internet and once installed on an initial computer the software cannot be transferred to another computer. (No part of this software, video or publication may be reproduced or copied.)

How Fititin Fitness At The Desk Software works.  After installing your CD and you’ve set your timing options, you’ll notice the small Fititin Fitness At The Desk Software reminder pop-up on the border of your computer screen. This pop-up is your reminder to exercise for a short, less than 4-minute, exercise session focusing on improving flexibility, relaxation, activating deep abdominal muscles and helping relieve tension and stress.  Simply click on the pop-up and begin. Throughout the day the pop-up will serve as your reminder and will not interfere with your work screen.  Suggested is a pop-up every 2 hours in an 8 hour work day.

Fititin Fitness At The Desk Software   is about the reality of fitting fitness into our hectic lives.  With the eight, ten or more hours each day some of us spend sitting behind a desk working hard, there is a way…with Fititin Fitness At The Desk Software. This is a fitness software reminder program specifically designed to encourage daily, periodic, effective, efficient exercise moves and breathing techniques derived from Yoga and Pilates concepts.

The timing and repetitions of the video moves are filmed at their minimal.  As you become familiar with each exercise and your work time permits, you may want to lengthen some of the moves.  For some individuals this may start out as the only form of exercise, so start slow and be careful not to over-tire these deep core muscles prior to any strenuous physical activity, sport or lifting that will require additional use of these muscles. Our hope is At The Desk becomes a motivation for daily continued fitness and awareness for an active healthy lifestyle.

“Congratulations in working for a place that values your health”


The exercises contained within Fititin Fitness At The Desk Software concentrate on breath with movement and deep core muscle activation. Breathing helps promote purification and oxygenation of the lungs and bloodstream.  With exhalation the rib cage draws in and down while the diaphragm, located below the lungs, elevates higher into the rib cage.  Upon inhalation the back or rib cage opens out while diaphragm lowers and flattens. If you watch a baby breathe, you’ll notice the natural rise of the belly and some expansion through the back, the fall of the belly and rib cage closing upon the exhale. Learning and adapting different breath patterns will help develop greater breath awareness.


Joseph Pilates’ exercise regime works the entire body as a unit by integrating  postural alignment,  movement and breath for improved musculoskeletal balance, strength and flexibility.  Pilates concepts help with  support and stabilization, movement and placement of the shoulder area, back, hips, head and neck. The popular Pilates breath reaches deeply into the back and sides of the rib cage while gently keeping deeper core abdominals engaged. This manner of breathing also enables full lung expansion while not restricting the diaphragm and providing support through movement.  Pilates concepts have been very helpful and popular for sport specific and functional exercise enthusiasts.


Yoga, meaning the union of body, mind and soul is an ancient practice very revitalizing to the entire mind and body. Yogic breath known as “pranayama” is very oxygenating, energizing, stress relieving, relaxing and balancing.  The yogic breath expands the belly and rib cage upon the inhale and the belly, back and chest close in upon exhale.  Typically this breathing is very cleansing and energizing. The Yoga postures or “asanas” are what we all associate with Yoga and are performed slowly with awareness. Yoga practice helps a great deal with flexibility, posture and mind/ body consciousness.

Sitting and inactivity

Sitting at the desk for extended periods of time affects breath and posture. Sitting, especially at the work desk, causes the spine to stay flexed forward.  This weakens the neck, lower and upper back, tightens the chest and hips and throws the posture off creating muscular imbalances, shallow breathing, tension and stress.  A few minutes of postural awareness, conscious breathing and movement throughout the day quiets the mind, relieves stress, improves flexibility and overall fitness.


Most of us have heard about the importance of developing  flexibility for improved range of motion.  Stretching enhances this flexibility of the muscles and connective tissue.  Also, stretching is important to gain flexibility throughout the body for improved movement and possible reduction of injury. You’ll also notice a sense of relaxation, better ease while moving through daily tasks and reduced tension.

Resistance band exercises

At The Desk has also incorporated resistance band exercises to perform a variety of fitness moves to improve strength.  The At The Desk Software video provides effective exercises to target weaker areas associated with prolonged sitting, such as upper and lower back, legs and hips.  Resistance exercise improves muscular strength and energy output. 

Abdominal muscles

Thanks to “Pilates” and “Core” strength exercises, the abdominal muscles importance have become more popular. The transverse abdominis muscle is the deepest abdominal muscle and supports the abdominal wall and wraps horizontally around the torso like a corset. This muscle also protects the abdominal organs and is responsible for helping with compression and expelling air out.  The exhalation with compression also serves in helping activate the transverse muscle for deep abdominal support.  The rectus abdominis moves the body forward from rib cage to pelvis. The Internal obliques rotate the torso and help stabilize the core.  External obliques allow the trunk to twist.


A Note on Diet

Using the timing of the Fititin Fitness At The Desk Software program can also be a great reminder to your dietary needs such as consuming a healthy snack or drinking more water. (In no way does  At The Desk Software information take the place of professional nutritional counseling.)

Please consult with your physician if pregnant and before starting this mild exercise program, as there may be some risks involved for some individuals.

The creators, developers and promoters of At The Desk SoftwareÓ disclaim any liability to viewers or participants.

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